The Department of Immigration has rolled out issuance of the e-Passport with effect from 1st September 2017.

Holders of valid current passports will be allowed to use them for the next 2 years (i.e. 31st August 2019) after which they will be rendered invalid.

Applicants will be required to make the passport application online on the e-citizen platform and download the e-application forms to forward to the Embassy together with other documentary evidence of Kenya citizenship.

Kindly note that the Passport Application documents available on the Embassy website are NOT for e-Passports.



Kenyan passports are available for ten years and are non-renewable. They are not available beyond ten years from the original date of issue. If at anytime a passport contains no further space for visas, a new passport must be obtained. The same applies for any official changes required eg. a change of name due to marriage. The Embassy does not issue any temporary passport.

Caution: Passports are valuable documents and should not be altered in any way or allowed to pass into possession of unauthorized person. If lost, withdrawn or destroyed the fact and circumstances should be immediately reported to the Kenya Embassy and the local police. Under such circumstances, new passports can only be issued after exhaustive enquiries have been done.

Application for a new passport must be done well in advance, at least 6 MONTHS before expiry of the passport or your intended date of travel. It takes 8 weeks or more to process the Passport. DO NOT BOOK ANY TRIP OR HOLIDAY UNTIL YOU HAVE A VALID PASSPORT.