Legalization of Documents

The following are the Embassy's requirements for legalization of documents for use in Kenya :

a) Two copies of the document; (one original and one copy). The copy to be retained at the Embassy and the original to be returned to the applicant, together with the original receipt issued by the Embassy).

b) All documents should be in both the German and English languages.

c) The documents should be submitted with a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

d) The document should bear proof of certification (seal and signature) by the concerned registry (appropriate German authorities.)

e) Legalization/Certification fee of Euros 26.00 for each original document payable only by bank transfer or EC-Debit card at the Embassy. Cash payments will not be accepted. Payments can be made to the Kenyan Embassy using the following details:

    Embassy of the Republic of Kenya
    Markgrafenstr. 63
    10969 BERLIN

    Commerzbank Berlin
    IBAN: DE63 1004 0000 0266 0140 04

If you opt for a bank transfer, please indicate your full name and in brief, the purpose for the payment, or services desired, attach a copy of the bank transfer form or Überweisungsbeleg to your application and mail the same to the Embassy. This procedure will help us to serve you faster.