1. ALL passport applications must now be recommended by a Kenyan passport/National ID card holder, who is  not a relative on section 7 of the application form. This is a new requirement. (Updated on 12.05.2015)

2. All passport applications must include a copy of the Kenya National Identity Card (ID) of the applicant (from the age of 18) or the Kenyan parent (for children under 18).

3. Parents applying for Kenyan passports for their children, who also have other nationalities MUST declare their dual nationality within 3 months of becoming a dual national in accordance to Section 8(3) of the Immigration and Citizenship Act, 2011.


The following are the procedures to be followed  when applying for a new passport or a replacement at the Embassy

  1. Download the relevant application document, which is available when you scroll down to the end of this page.

  2. Carefully go through the checklist of requirements, which is attached with the application form.

  3. Fill in the application form and any other relevant attachment, following the guideline on the checklist.

  4. Ensure that you make photocopies and have 2 sets of each required document.

  5. Once you have assembled all the requirements, transfer the relevant non-refundable fee into the Embassy account, which is stated on the checklist. Only transfer the fee if you have all the required documents.

  6. Buy 2 DHL EXPRESSEASY PREPAID NATIONAL™ envelopes at the post office. One should be used to send the application documents to the Embassy and the other attached together with the requirements for sending the passport(s) back.


You can track your application on the DHL Website to see if and when it is delivered. Once your application is received and all is in order, your passport will be ready within 8 weeks or more.

If your application is incomplete, it will be sent back to you using your DHL envelope and you will have to go through the process indicated on No. 6 above once again.You are therefore advised to ensure that you only forward complete applications due to the cost involved in sending the documents back and forth.



Picking up your passport

Applicants who wish to pick up their passports personally at the Embassy are required:

1. To call or email the consular section at to inform on when you wish to come and pick up the passport. Exact date and time is required to avoid any inconvenience to the applicant.

2. You MUST bring the old passport for cancellation (where applicable) in order for the new one to be released. No new passport shall be released unless an existing old passport is cancelled.

3. The new passport can only be picked up strictly during the office hours open to the public, i.e. Monday to Friday between 9.00am and 1.00pm. The Embassy is closed during public holidays for both Kenya and Germany.

Courier Dispatch:

All passports will now only be dispatched from the Embassy using the DHL pre-paid Courier envelope indicated on the Checklist. Passports are no longer sent as registered mail (Einschreiben) or normal mail.

You will have to send the old passport to the Embassy through registered mail for cancellation before the new one can be released. 


Kenyan passports are available for ten years and are non-renewable. They are not available beyond ten years from the original date of issue. If at anytime a passport contains no further space for visas, a new passport must be obtained. The same applies for any official changes required eg. a change of name due to marriage.

Caution: Passports are valuable documents and should not be altered in any way or allowed to pass into possession of unauthorized person. If lost, withdrawn or destroyed the fact and circumstances should be immediately reported to the Kenya Embassy and the local police. Under such circumstances, new passports can only be issued after exhaustive enquiries have been done.

Application for a new passport must be done well in advance, at least 6 MONTHS BEFORE EXPIRY OF THE PASSPORT OR YOUR INTENDED DATE OF TRAVEL. It takes 8 weeks or more to process the Passport.

If you opt for a bank transfer, please indicate your full name and in brief, the purpose for the payment, or services desired, attach a copy of the bank transfer form or Überweisungbeleg to your application and mail the same to the Embassy. Processing of an applications commences only upon confirmed receipt of payments made for services to be rendered. Click here for the Account Details.

Note: Incomplete Applications will neither be accepted nor forwarded to the Immigration Department in Nairobi for processing.

Important Notice (Please read carefully before sending in your application):

  • Every passport applicant over the age of 18 years MUST produce copies of a New Generation Identity Card to facilitate the replacement. Further note that the Kenya Embassy in Berlin does NOT process or facilitate the issuance of National Identity cards.
  • Application Form 19 has to bear the names as they should appear on the Passport.
  • Incomplete applications will not be accepted and will be forwarded back to the applicants.
  • The Embassy only issues a letter of confirmation upon request.
  • The Embassy does not issue temporary passports.
  • An Emergency Travel Certificate is only issued for a one-way journey to Kenya and is impounded upon arrival at the airport in Kenya. Therefore it cannot be used for a journeys to other countries or for a return trip.
  • Currently, only Kenyan women are permitted to apply for change of name due to marriage.
  • Kenyans who had previously renounced their citizenship can only reapply for a Kenyan citizenship by providing written proof from the German authorities of an approved dual-nationality status in Germany.