a) My passport is about to expire or is no longer valid. What should I do?

Passports are only valid for 10 years. You are advised to apply for a replacement at least 6 months before expiry or making any travel plans in order to allow ample processing time on the Kenyan side and the issuance of necessary residence permits from the authorities at your country of residence.

Kindly note that the Embassy endeavours to assist all Kenyans in emergency situations but will not support self-inflicted emergencies caused by negligence to check on the validity of a passport.

b) How can I apply for the replacement of my passport?

Visit the downloads section, which is directly above. You will find a link to the necessary application with the checklist of requirements attached. Go through the checklist carefully first because it has all the necessary information and instructions on how to fill in the application form for a passport. You have to ensure that you have filled in the application form accordingly, then gathered all the requirements on the checklist and made the necessary photocopies  before forwarding forwarding them in 2 sets to the Embassy.

Two sets means, you fill in the application form and make a photocopy. Attach a copy of each of the remaining requirements on the checklist on to each set, one by one, to ensure that your application is complete. Passport photos have to be 4 biometric ones. Do not send your original documents or the original passport unless explicitly requested to do so by the Embassy.

c) How long will it take for my passport to be ready

The Embassy in Berlin is able to replace passports within 6 weeks. This time frame is only applicable for passport printed in Berlin for those who are applying for ordinary replacement after expiry, change of name, first passports for children or mutilated passports for applicants. Your application however has to be complete as per the checklist of requirements.

Applications for lost passports and those for applicants who are over 18 but lack Kenyan IDs, those who cannot produce their original birth certificates bearing the immigration stamp or those whose birth certificates and IDs bear indescrepencies of name spellings or date or place of birth have to be  forwarded to Kenya for consideration and issuance. Such applications may thus take more than 8 weeks. There is no maximum waiting time frame for such cases.

d) I have lost my passport what should I do?

Find out from your local lost and found office if the passport was found and deposited there. You can also check the lost and found section on the Embassy website. If your search remains futile, you will have to report the passport as lost at your nearest police station and then proceed to apply for the replacement of the passport though the Embassy by forwarding the required application documents. Your application will be processed and forwarded to Kenya for the issuance of a replacement.

Kindly note that a Kenyan passport remains property of the Kenyan government and should therefore be handled with care and kept safe under all circumstances. You are advised to only carry photocopies of your passport and your residence permit for identification purposes and keep your original passport in a safe place. 

e) I would like to apply for a first passport for my child. What should I do?

Kenyan passport holders and those who gave birth to children while citizens of Kenya can apply for first passports for their children through the Embassy. The downloads section has the required application forms.

f) I would like to apply for a new passport due to change of name. How should I go about it?

Women who are married and wish to take up their husband's name can apply for change of name through the Embassy. The application form is on the downloads page. The Embassy also processes applications for change of name through deed poll and for children who have been legally adopted and the adoption filed at and approved by the High Court in Kenya.

g) I am only replacing my passport why do I need a recommender?

All passport applications must be recommended by a Kenyan passport or ID holder who is not related to the applicant. He or she must then give you a copies of his or her passport pages with all official entries made by the Kenyan government or the front and back of his/her Kenyan ID. There is no exception to this requirement. The recommender can be based anywhere in the world.

h) Should I bring my application personally to the Embassy?

Passport applications should be sent through registered mail addressed to the Consular Section of the Embassy. We encourage postal deliveries to reduce excessive dealings with over-the counter clients, which steals manpower away from crucial processing time and causes unnecessary delays. The Embassy is however open to the public Mondays to Fridays from 9 a.m. till 1 p.m. If personally delivering your application, ensure that you bring all the required application documents with you, duly filled and arranged in two neat sets to avoid unnecessary delays.

i) I do not have passport and have no other documents except a birth certificate. How can I obtain a passport?

A birth certificate if not proof of ones citizenship or Kenyan identity. If you are not able to provide an original birth certificate which bears the official immigration stamp, you will have to apply for a Travel Document for Foreigners at your local Ausländerbehorde and then apply for a referred visa through the Embassy to facilitate you to travel to Kenya to process a passport. The Embassy does not issue passports or travel documents in such cases.

j) I have been sent by the Ausländerbehörde to come to the Embassy to apply for apsssport and need a letter to prove that I was here

The Ausländerbehörde does not send one to merely present him or herself to the Embassy. One is sent to apply for a passport or a travel document. The Embassy does NOT issue any letters to any individual as proof that they were at the Embassy. 


a) Do I need a visa for Kenya? Where can I get the visa?

Visas can be obtained online on at the Kenya Embassy in Berlin or upon arrival at any official port of entry in Kenya. The Consular Section page has more information under Visas.

b) How long does it take to process  visa?

  • Visa applications presented at the counter and paid for by EC Debit Card may be ready for collection within 5-8 working days
  • Postal applications may take about 2 -3 weeks from the date of receipt of mail, subject to interbank transfer procedures
  • Processing of applications commences only upon confirmed receipt of payments made for services to be rendered
  • Referred visa applications cases may take up to 6 weeks or more to get approval/rejection.

c) Do I need a Multiple Entry Visa if I wish to re-enter Kenya after travelling to another country?

You can use the same visa to re-enter Kenya from Tanzania or Uganda within the 90 days validity period of the Kenyan visa. If you however re-entering from any other country, you will need to apply for a visa again.

d) I am travelling to Kenya to work as an intern/volunteer or take up employment. What kind of visa do I need?

You will need a normal Single Journey Visa to enter Kenya but have to apply for and be issued the necessary permits/passes before commencing your work in Kenya. The permits/passes have to be applied for directly at the Department of Immigration in Nairobi through the website

e) I am a frequent traveller. Can I get a Multiple Journey Visa?

If travelling often for business purposes, you can apply for MJVs through the Embassy. The downloads page has the requirements. Other frequent travellers have to apply directly at the Department of Immigration in Nairobi.

f) Can I get a Visa on arrival in Kenya?

If you do not require a referred visa, you can get a visa on arrival in Kenya. It will cost you 50 Dollars, you do noit need a photo and the application form is available on the visa page on this website. For information on referred visas, also check the visa page.

g) I applied for an evisa and haven't received it

Log into you evisa account and download the evisa directly from ther. If your status reads pending after 72 hours, check if you have to make any correction and resubmit your application.

h) I cannot log into my evisa account

Contact support(at)


a) I have to give up my Kenyan citizenship. What should I do?

If you have been naturalised or have received the assurance of naturalisation upon renouncing your Kenyan citizenship, you can apply for renunciation through the Embassy. The application form and requirements are available on the Download page above. 

b) How long does it take?

The Embassy forwards your application to the Citizenship Department at the Department of Immigration in Kenya for the processing and issuance of the renunciation certificate. Due to the processed involved a renunciation can take up to 2 years to be finalised depending on each individual's immigration file history. One cannot influence the process and has to wait until due process is followed and the certificate issued.

Kindly note that according to Part III, 19 (2) a and b of the Kenya Citizenship and Immigration Act of 2011, the Cabinet Secretary cannot register a renunciation application until fully satisfied that the applicant's identity and residence has been established and the applicant is fully aware of the implication of being renounced. The Citizenship Department must therefore carry out meticulous research into the background of each applicant according to law.

c) How can I identify myself or travel if I surrender my passport as I wait for the certificate?

You can request in writing to retain you passport as the process goes on. The information is available on the checklist of requirements.

d) Will I get my passport and ID back when I have renounced?

No the Embassy will withdraw and cancel your passport and ID after you have been officially renounced.

e) The German authorities naturalised me and withdrew my passport before I renounced. What should I do?

Contact the Embassy to find out if your passport was forwarded by the German authorities by sending an email to

f) Should I also send my birth certificate?

No. A Birth Certificate is not proof of citizenship and is therefore yours for keeping.

g) Kenya allows dual citizenship. Why must I give up my Kenyan citizenship?

You are renouncing upon the behest of the German government. Kindly engage your local German authority on that matter.

h) Can I regain the Kenyan citizenship later?

If issued a Beibehaltungsgenehmigung by the German authorities, you can apply to regain your Kenyan citizenship. Kindly engage your local German authorities for the procedure to get the Beibehaltungsgenehmigung.

i) We are renouncing as a family. Should I also apply for my under 18 year old child?

Children under 18 cannot renounce their citizenship. You can therefore not apply for them When applying for yourself, attach a letter requesting a confirmation form the Embassy that your child cannot renounce until 18 and attach copies of his/her passport and birth certificate.


Q. How long does it take to have an Emergency Travel Document issued and what are the requirements?
A. It is issued during the working hours of the Consular Section. The earliest date of issue is 3 working days prior to the date of travel. The applicant has to personally appear at the Embassy in Berlin and bring 2 biometric passport photos, copies of all the pages of his/her Kenyan passport or the front and back side of his/her Kenya National Identity Card and the flight booking. For lost passports, a police report must also be produced. For children, an international birth certificate must be produced.


 a) I wish to marry/get married and have been told to contact the Embassy

You will need to apply for a Certificate of No Impediemnt to Marriage. The application form and requirements are available under Downloads above

b) How long will the process take?

The application is forwarded to the Registrar of Marriages in Nairobi Kenya and might take up to 3 months or more. You are therefore urged to apply early enough

c) Can I marry/get married or register my marriage at the Embassy?

No. The Embassy has not been gazetted by the Registrar of Marriages to register or conduct marriages.